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The office was amazing and ..........
On September 24, 2009 around 8pm I was arrested...
I just got my computer back after a ridiculous virus. We had to completely reformat it which sucked cause I had to start all over but now I shouldn't have any more problems with viruses.

Lots happened with Lauren and I. We are together but her ex Michal is having some major issues with that. We didn't get together until after they had broken up and then Lauren stayed here for about 5 days. Michal walked in on us twice... that was fun. One time we weren't even sitting by each other or doing anything and she was freaking out yelling and saying "I hate you" to me for about 5 times. The other time we were kind of in the moment of something and walked into my house at about 4am.... awesome day. Now they are trying to see if they can be friends and live together. Michal said they can only be friends if I'm not in her life. So yeah lots of fun drama. Oh the joys of dating a young girl.

Other than that life is good, money is tight, girlfriend is great, Tanner is pukey, Ellen is awesome.


My computer has a virus, it blows.
Been watching Skins, it rocks.
The girl I like that likes me back is afraid to dump her homophobic bisexual gf, it blows.
I got the weekend off, it rocks.
Way behind on my hw, it blows.
Going to wade through a gigantic puddle while drunk with Staci tomorrow, it may rock?

Does anyone know of a good site just to stream tv shows since I'm kind of scared to download anything right now? This is practically the only time I've been able to use my computer this week.

The homophobic bisexual

So I've friended this new couple and I'm trying to help them out but I need some help too. They are a couple years younger than me both around 19. For one, L, it is her very first relationship, first of everything. For the other, M, I guess she was engaged to a guy before she started dating L, they have been together over a year. L is pretty sure she is a lesbian but just not ready to full on come out with it. M says she bisexual but believes her situation, she refuses to see it as a relationship, with L is a sin. M is incredibly religious, comes from 2 lesbian moms, tells people she is single, dates guys, tells people that L is her cousin. L and M live together, share rent/utilities, own a pet together, have sex with one another, basically have all the things of a relationship, as long as it stays in the confines of their place. They say they are in love with one another and that they are happy but its pretty clear that they just want people to think that and are very desperate to have someone approve of what they are doing.

I want to show M that she can have both her religion and L and not offend anyone but she doesn't believe that will ever be possible. I don't know what to say to her. L and I get along great and she is opening up a bit more to accepting her sexuality but no matter what she will do anything for M, even though that is sacrificing her happiness. I got M a book on Homosexuality and Faith and a few other books and L is watching all my movies and tv show dvds pertaining to homosexuality. So they are open to learning and figuring out their feelings on this but M is pretty adament that God does not approve of what she is doing and that if she admits the relationship to anyone than she will be damned to hell.

I've never met anyone like M before, I don't really know what to say to her or how to help her see that she can be with L and have God and be happy. I'm closer to L and feel bad for her in this situation and I want to help her through this but I don't know what to do.
And it's over but she left me no choice and it's not like I was going to be able to change her mind anyways.
I wish I could have some sort of genetic mutation or technicological design to enhance myself.

Am I being unreasonable? About anything?


I am quitting livejournal. Anything else I write on here will be set to private if I feel the need to do so but overall there's no point to anything right now.
I think I'm getting lj bitch slapped

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